Not all trailers are the same height, so a fixed hitch won't always meet your needs. Pick up a Trimax RAZOR Adjustable Tow Hitch and make sure you can use all of your necessary towing equipment.

This innovative hitch allows you to find the exact height necessary for your trailer. Over a range of 6”, 8”, or 12”, the Trimax RAZOR Adjustable Tow Hitch moves in 1” increments to match up perfectly with a coupler’s height. Sporting a 10,000 lbs. tow rating and a 1500 lbs. max tongue weight, you should be able to handle just about anything your vehicle’s towing capacity allows. Even better, this adjustable hitch is available in a range of finishes to customize your hitch’s look, and it attaches with a simple bolt-on installation.

Trailers come in many shapes and sizes. Ensure that you can hook up whatever kinds you have with a Trimax RAZOR Adjustable Tow Hitch. Backed by a Lifetime Warranty.