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Weight Distribution & Sway Control

Keep your heavy load balanced properly with Weight Distribution & Sway Control accessories. This hardware offers you more control over your hitch for easier handling, improved safety, and fewer "white knuckle" moments on the road. With your weight more evenly balanced across your wheels for smooth pulling, you'll steer straighter, stop quicker, and relax sooner. Our 9 Weight Distribution & Sway Control reviews have an average rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars.
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Curt Weight Distribution Hitch

Keep even your heaviest hauling loads under control with a Curt Weight Distribution Hitch. Weight distribution hitches are an essential element in your towing setup if you're planning on pulling heavy trailers, RV's, or other loads. The 10,000 lb. More...

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Curt Sway Control Kit

Don't let towing give you permanent white knuckles - keep your rig secure with a Curt Sway Control Kit. When high winds, passing vehicles, and tight turns would normally send your trailer or RV reeling, the Curt Sway Control Kit holds it in line, ensuring a safe and much less stressful trip. The Curt Sway Control Kit uses solid steel spring bars that resist sway with friction. More...

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Reese Weight Distributing System

Tow a larger load than your receiver might otherwise allow with a Reese Weight Distributing System. By spreading the total weight out across all available axles, this weight distribution system can add a thousand pounds of towing capacity to your vehicle. Full sway control allows you a more consistent grip on the road in any conditions.

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Blue Ox SwayPro Weight Distribution Hitch

Make sweaty brows and white knuckles a thing of the past with the Blue Ox SwayPro Weight Distribution Hitch. This hitch is available in 550-1500 lbs. TW capacities and is easy to hook up and disconnect. It also features built-in sway control and provides simple weight distribution adjustment. 3-Year Warranty.

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Curt Sway Control Ball Mount

The Curt Sway Control Ball Mount is the ideal mount for those looking to stabilize their tow loads for safe and easy hauling. This durable, CNC-machined 2" x 2" mount features a welded-on bracket for mounting a sway control kit. This bracket allows you to install a sway control ball without any modifications or welding, getting you on the road quickly and securely. More...

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Blue Ox SwayPro Weight Distribution Hitch Accessories

Blue Ox offers several performance-enhancing accessories for SwayPro Weight Distribution Hitches. Choose from versatile, adjustable receiver hitch mounts, sway-eliminating rotating latches, or super-strong replacement spring bars. All of these accessories are made with Blue Ox quality and include a 1-Year Warranty.

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About Weight Distribution & Sway Control

When towing a heavy load, you need proper balance. Weight Distribution & Sway Control accessories do the job, and then some. Attaching this equipment to your Dodge Dakota Hitch or your Nissan Titan Hitch allows you to drive safer, with improved handling and less wobble to your load. It's saying something special when you can drive your Tundra as well as you normally do even with a large load attached to your Toyota Tundra Hitch, but that's exactly what Weight Distribution & Sway Control is all about.

The accessories you need to smooth out your ride when using your Dodge Ram 1500 Hitch are easily yours at Choose your vehicle from our selector widget and you'll be shown all of the products designed specifically to work with it. Large photos and detailed descriptions tell you everything you need to know about these accessories, and once you've picked something up it will ship to you for free. You have a lot of options, but when it comes to Weight Distribution & Sway Control, AAG is #1.

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