When you haul a bunch of cargo around in your truck bed, the possibility of an unfortunate disaster is never very far away. Unless, of course, you hook your rig up with a Westin HDX Headache Rack.

These commercial-grade pickup racks are designed specifically to prevent heavy cargo from crashing through your truck cab's back window. Custom-made for your specific truck, each Westin HDX Headache Rack completely covers and protects your truck's back window with reliable Mild Steel. A louvered design allows total rearview visibility, and four mounting tabs allow you to add extra lights and accessories. This rack accomodates most major toolbox brands, with special brackets required for those boxes that exceed 70" or 71", depending on your truck. A bolt-on installation requires no drilling, and every rack is finished with White or Black Powdercoat to resist corrosion.

Don't let an easily-avoided accident happen to your truck. Protect your rig, and protect yourself, with a Westin HDX Headache Rack. Backed by a 3-Year Warranty.