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Sportz Truck Tent Accessories

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  • Regular Price: $33.15-61.10
  • Our Price: $22.49- 41.49


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22 Inch Duffel Bag

  • Part #: 41300
  • Bag Size: 22 In. by 10 In. by 11 In.


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26 Inch Duffel Bag

  • Part #: 41400
  • Bag Size: 26 In. by 12 In. by 12 In.


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Traveler Bag

  • Part #: 41500
  • Bag Size: 20 In. by 9 In. by 12 In.


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Strap Protectors

  • Part #: 44444


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Floor for Screen Room

  • Part #: 83500
  • Fits screen room in SUV & Minivan tents #83000 & #84000
  • Floor Size: 7 Ft. by 6 Ft.
    • Maximize your camping comfort and portability with Sportz Truck Tent Accessories
    • Duffel Bags available in 20-, 22-, and 26-inch sizes
    • Duffel Bags are crafted from tough ripstop nylon
    • Use Strap Protectors to keep your truck free from sratches and scuffs when your truck tent is strapped down
    • Add a Screen Room Floor to your minivan tent or SUV tent to keep mud and bugs out

Sleeping in a truck tent is one great way to camp. Make sure you get the most out of it with Sportz Truck Tent Accessories. Sportz offers a variety of accessories for truck tents and minivan/SUV tents to optimize your camping experience.

Napier Sportz offers Duffel Bags and Travel Bags for truck tents and car tents in a variety of sizes. These truck and SUV tent travel bags are made from tough materials to handle all the rigors of travel and camping. Use Sportz Strap Protectors to shield your pickup truck against scratches and scuffs when strapping your truck tent down. Or, if you have a minivan tent or SUV tent, use a Sportz Screen Room Floor to provide a shield against mud and rocks.</p>

Camping with car tents and truck tents is the way to go for comfort, convenience, and style - make the most of it with Sportz Truck Tent Accessories.

Sportz Truck Tent Accessories Customer Reviews

Great bag and just the right size for my needs (not too big/not too small). I keep it in my truck for carrying extra cloths or toiletries. Would also be great for first aid use or emergency usage for roadside emergencies (flares/tow rope/fix a flat/etc.). Love the blue color and it seems well-made.

Install Time: Instant