When you need professional-grade quality in a toolbox, look no further than the Deflecta-Shield Seal-Tite Truck Tool Box. This crossover truck toolbox features hefty aluminum construction, with 40% thicker walls than the competition. It's got plenty of space for tools large and small, and guards your gear from both weather hazards and prying eyes.

Theft is not an option when your tools are stored in the Deflecta-Shield Seal Tite Crossover Toolbox, thanks to twin push-button keyed locks that keep your stuff vaulted securely inside. Heavy-duty weather stripping lines the domed lid, keeping rain and dust from getting in the box. Combine these features with a 3-piece all-Aluminum construction with seam welds and you've got a toolbox that satisfies even the most demanding contractor.

The Deflecta-Shield Seal Tite Crossover Toolbox is available with either diamond-plate or smooth walls. Backed by a 1 Year Warranty.

Note: Before you order, be sure to measure your truck's bed to choose the right toolbox. See the Dimensions Diagram for reference.