In some parts of the country, it's a foregone conclusion: when the winter months roll in, heavy snow and ice are coming with them. If you live in such a place, attaching a super-strong Curtis Sno-Pro 3000 Trip Edge Snow Plow on the front end of your truck just might make you the savior of the neighborhood.

The Sno-Pro 3000 Trip Edge plow is custom-tailored for your vehicle. Each industrial-strength blade is made of high-grade steel, powder-coated for corrosion resistance, and comes in vehicle-specific lengths ranging from 7' to 9'. This blade's triple-edge bottom gives your plow the power and stamina to last in any blizzard, while precise attack angles cut through ice while shoveling to make roads and driveways totally passable. Plus, its rugged hydraulic system lets you remotely control both the up/down action and side/side angle of the blade.

The heavy-duty Curtis Sno-Pro 3000 Trip Edge Snow Plow also provides fast attachment and detachment thanks to its patented Hitch-and-Run system, while the Hydraulic Jack Stand allows you to keep your blade in the easiest mounting position upon removal until it's time to re-attach. Your blade, frame mount, light kit, and hydraulic controller are all included in one package to get you going.

People have things to do and places to be, even when the weather turns. Clear the way for them through snow and ice with a Curtis Sno-Pro 3000 Trip Edge Snow Plow. Backed by a 2-Year Warranty.

Note: It is required by law that your snow plow have working headlights. Add the Headlight Adapter to your cart to attach the included light kit to your rig's electrical system.