INNO is a name that carries over 30 years of building and designing the most technologically innovative and advanced car racks for active drivers and enthusiasts. Inno has a rich history of providing the best cargo management products, from base rack systems to bike carriers and surf racks.

Inno was formed in 1976 as the car rack division of Japanese auto accessories company Car Mate. Demand for Inno products grew steadily, and today they hold an impressive 60% share of the car rack market in Japan. Inno is also gaining worldwide recognition for building products with both premium features and affordable prices. Inno entered the North American market in 2003.

Virtually all Inno Racks products are directly compatible with factory rack crossbars. This makes for extremely easy installation without modifications or other compatibility concerns. Simply choose your year, make, and model vehicle and you will find the Inno rack system that connects directly to your crossbars.

Inno Racks is an ideal alternative to other high-priced competitors. Plus, unlike other manufacturers, Inno includes locks on nearly all of their products at no cost.