Nasta International, Inc. is the only company in the automotive industry who manufactures all-stainless truck accessories, with a specialty in producing and fabricating Stainless Steel tubular products. Ta-Chen International Corp., their parent company, is a leading manufacturer of stainless products throughout the world.

Nasta utilizes state of the art manufacturing facilities and tools to produce the highest quality stainless products available. They utilize all-stainless hardware, a unique claim that sets them apart from the competition. When carbon steel (such as competitors' mounting brackets) comes in contact with stainless steel (such as vehicle frames) the corrosion resistance of stainless declines and the components get rusty. However, with all-stainless hardware the anti-rust properties of the metal remain. Trust Nasta, the All Stainless Truck Accessory People, for top quality, no-rust performance.