Gale Banks Engineering is an unquestioned leader in high performance gas and diesel engine development. Banks has developed breakthrough innovations in turbocharging and drive train technologies, many of which are patented. Their prowess in engineering, design, and manufacturing has been proven in whole vehicle modification/development, including the Banks/GMC Syclone, Project Sidewinder, and the big block twin-turbo Pontiac Firebird.

Banks, established in 1958, now has over 200 employees situated on a 12-acre campus. Their Mechanical Engineering Department is staffed with world-class automotive engineers who test the latest high-performance equipment. The Banks Race Shop features special project vehicles with cutting-edge gas and diesel development, multiple turbo applications, unbelievable horsepower, and eye-catching style. The rapidly growing Computer Systems Engineering Department boasts sophisticated electronic engineering technologies used for engine improvement. Gale Banks Engineering's turbocharged engines are designed from the centerline of the crankshaft out.

Gale Banks Engineering is often called upon by major automakers to develop and research "outside the box" projects. They have been relied upon by such major manufacturers as GMC, Chevrolet, Buick, Pontiac, and Volvo.

Banks engineers are ruthless and uncompromising when it comes to testing. They use only the most advanced equipment and facilities for testing prototypes and experimental designs and re-testing existing ones. Their intense testing ensures the highest performance, compatibility, and durability, as well as unmatched endurance, functionality, and quality control.

Many aftermarket suppliers farm out their designs to other manufacturers or assembles "grab bag kits" from several sources. This is not the case with Gale Banks Engineering. Banks manufactures every product it designs, from the Banks Ram Air Intake to Banks Top Tube Headers and tuners, to exacting specifications. This attention to manufacturing is truly the Banks difference.

Gale Banks Engineering has the unmatched combination of expertise, experience, and engineering/design/manufacturing savvy to provide performance products that continue to raise the bar in the aftermarket industry.