CIPA is one of the oldest manufacturers of rearview mirrors in the world. CIPA-France began in 1926 and ever since has been a major player in the evolution of rear view and side view mirrors. Their developments have greatly improved the safety of vehicles on the road, minimizing side-swiping and rear-ending for over 80 years.

CIPA-USA became a private US Corporation in 1985. CIPA, based in Port Huron, Michigan, continues to grow year after year, manufacturing its products in the USA, France, and Asia, and continues to develop high-quality products and set sales volume records across the board. CIPA has clients in markets all over the world, from imports like BMW, Volvo and Volkswagen to domestic manufacturers such as Chrysler and Ford.

CIPA continues to chase their goal of staying on top of trends in the automotive industry with new, innovative products. Their advancements include the first PWC aftermarket mirror and a full line of mirrors for all types of watercraft.