Since the early 1970s Skyjacker has provided suspension systems, lift kits, and other high-quality components to the off-road community. Just like their customers they believe in going further, constantly improving, and conquering more and more territory.

Skyjacker takes pride in listening to their customers. They sponsor, host, support, and participate in a wide array of outdoor events to lend a helping hand to the sport of off-roading as a whole. By designing, testing, and upgrading, Skyjacker continues to surpass the demands of their customers and dominate even the roughest terrain.

Skyjacker builds the highest quality suspension products on the market. They offer a huge array of lift kits for most trucks and SUVs, in a range of lift heights and performance levels. They engineer every component to fulfill their ideal of top-quality suspension systems: the best form and function, with the highest achievements and highest-quality materials and resources.

Skyjacker thanks their customers for helping make them "Skyjacker, The Bear of Suspensions."