There was once a time when the only way pickup drivers could get reliable hard-shell protection for their gear was by fighting with heavy, bulky fiberglass bed covers. That time has passed, thanks to Undercover Tonneau Covers. In 2000 Undercover Tonneau released a hard tonneau cover that was super strong and (finally!) lightweight and easy to handle.

The engineers at Undercover already had 20 years of experience building fiberglass tonneau covers, but they had decided it was time to develop something new and revolutionary. Undercover went through five whole years of research and development finding the perfect materials, design, and manufacturing processes in an attempt to turn the tonneau cover industry on its head. What resulted was a total game changer in the world of truck bed covers.

Undercover Tonneau Covers weigh less than any other hard tonneau in the industry, making them easier to open, close, remove, and store. That doesn't mean they're weak though - Despite its light weight, the Undercover is "strong enough to hold an entire hockey team." This means your cargo is safe from just about anything, including hail and massive heavy snow piles, without damage. Some models even include built-in LED lights, quick-release hardware for super-simple installation, and twist-locks for superior security. Customers love these details, and the proof is in our Undercover Tonneau Cover Reviews

It's time to move past awkward, super-heavy fiberglass bed covers and get light and easy-to-handle coverage for your truck. Undercover Tonneau Covers are custom-designed and available for over 97 percent of trucks, so you're almost guaranteed to be covered.