The story of the custom car bra industry starts, and continues, with the story of Colgan. In 1961 Bill Colgan, a car and boat upholsterer, invented a car bra to protect the fronts of road-testing Porsche 356 models. Before long Colgan saw quickly growing potential for his invention and began developing bras for more models. And with that, a new auto accessory was born.

Over the last 5 decades Colgan has designed custom car bras for hundreds of vehicles, from sports cars to trucks. They utilize the finest materials, from thick virgin vinyl to aircraft-quality bungee cords, and have their materials exclusively manufactured for them. Every other company out there has imitated Colgan's designs, but none can match the quality of their custom-made materials.

Colgan builds their car bras to protect your front end from the hazards of rocks, debris, and bug carcasses, but they're also designed to safely hug your vehicle without scratches or scuffs. Thick flannel linings, vinyl-coated hooks, and padded tabs all ensure your Colgan Custom Car Bra doesn't do any harm to your finish.

Over the past 50 years car bras have gone from esoteric to essential. Stay protected with the original Colgan Custom Car Bra, and accept no imitations.