For over a century the technology that goes into designing and building spark plugs has remained basically unchanged. It seems manufacturers have been content with the status quo in ignition. Now, however, it's time to rethink the spark plug game thanks to Pulstar.

Pulstar has raised the bar for spark plug performance with advanced technolgy that blows away the competition. Their Pulsed Power Technology (PPT) utilizes capacitors that store up energy over time and release it in giant bursts. The Pulstar spark plug design lets out blasts as big as 1,000,000 watts - leaving 50 watt-producing standard spark plugs in their dust.

Massive horsepower. Monster torque. Money-saving fuel economy. These are just three of the benefits of a fine-tuned set of Pulstar Spark Plugs. Their spark current is up to 10x more than the competition, and they're tested to last much longer than your everyday plug.

Pulstar continues to push forward with their designs, applications, and quality to ensure that every spark plug they make is of the utmost quality. Pulstar Spark Plugs are covered with a limited Lifetime Warranty, so you know these are spark plugs you can trust.