The Metropolitan Vacuum Cleaner Company might just be the perfect example of the American Dream in action. Over 70 years ago Hyman Gulker sold his gold pocket watch to a pawn shop and gave the $50 profit to his daughter and son-in-law. The couple used this cash to begin the Metro Vac company and start repairing and selling vacuum cleaners out of a small store front in the Bronx. Since then Metro Vac has evolved into a successful multi-divisional corporation that manufactures, and produces high quality vacuum cleaners for home, office, and automotive use.

It's no accident that Metropolitan Vacuum Cleaner Co. made such great strides from such a modest start. Their commitment to innovation and technology has made them a real pioneer in cleaner design, with a remarkable list of industry "firsts." Metro Vac developed the first budget-friendly 110-volt handheld vacuum cleaner in 1957, the first 12-volt car vacuum in 1964, and the first (and only) dual voltage 110V/12V hand held vacuum for the home and the car in 1970.

Metro Vac Cleaners and Dryers are known for their robust construction, high power, and handy attachments. That's why Metropolitan Vacuum Cleaners are the professional choice in vacuums, whether you're detailing your car's interior or drying off your motorcycle. Add a Metro Vac Vacuum Cleaner to your arsenal and blow your passengers away.