Jotto's angle has always been innovation. That's why their relatively small product line always manages to bubble up to the top of today's flooded market of gadgets and gizmos. Jotto's approach to the auto industry has always been focused on the customer, and the family owned and operated company has traded on this philosophy ever since they first turned heads with the Jotto Desk. Designed specifically for dashboards, this car laptop mount was the first of its kind, and only hinted at the company's keen understanding of the modern driver's every day needs.

After the success of their dashboard laptop mount, Jotto Desk turned their attention towards traditional auto upgrades and ornaments. Among the company's ever-expanding product line, one of the highlights is the Jotto Cargo Slide. The Jotto slide improves on the traditional truck cargo slide by tinkering with the design and updating the materials to create a product that suits the needs of the modern day truck driver. Each Jotto Truck slide is made of lightweight anodized aluminum to cut down on the weight in the bed, and is significantly lighter than stainless steel truck slides. Plus, it's equipped with up to 24 steel rollers, instead of the standard eight steel rollers, for added efficiency and smooth operation.

Whether they're designing laptop mounts, cargo slides or cargo bins, the need of the customer is always Jotto's main priority. Always innovating and never imitating, the constantly-evolving product line from Jotto puts them ahead of the curve.