Friction and heat are your car's two biggest enemies. Your first line of defense against breakdowns and diminished performance is using quality oils and lubricants in your vital systems. When it's time to get serious about performance, it's time to go for Royal Purple performance oil.

Royal Purple Motor Oils and Lubricants are specially designed and formulated to maximize performance in real world applications. Their motor oil improves fuel economy and reduces emissions and provide performance gains in older vehicles and brand new cars alike.

Royal Purple also offers Motorcycle Motor Oil to keep your bike in top shape. Their Max-Cycle series is formulated specifically for motorcycle transmissions and engines. Royal Purple Max-Cycle oils are great for Sportsters, Buells, and Harley Davidsons alike and provide exceptional film strength and metal-to-metal protection. Best of all, Royal Purple motorcycle fluid is also safe for wet-clutch applications.

For 2-cycle and pre-mix engines, Royal Purple 2-Cycle Motor Oil is the perfect choice. Their Snow 2-C oil is ideal for oil-injected low-temperature applications like snowmobiles. They're also available for generators, chainsaws, and other motors.

No matter the application, maximize your performance with specially formulated Royal Purple Oil & Lubricants.