Pet owners, especially dog owners, are downright fanatic when it comes to making sure their pets travel in safety and in comfort. Of course, drivers like to keep their interiors in good shape, too. Enter the Heritage Pedigree Series - a line of pet travel accessories designed and built for superior durability, classic looks, and a positive travel experience for dogs and pets of all kinds.

Like their parent company Classic Accessories, the Heritage Pedigree design team is passionate about their products. Their constant desire to improve, innovate and revolutionize pet travel is evident in every dog travel mat, dog bowl, and kennel cover they produce. Not a company to cut corners, Heritage crafts pet travel accessories with handy and clever features like insulated lining, waterproof backing and built-in easy-pour food containers. For Heritage, it's these little details that separate their products from the rest.

Heritage Pedigree Series pet travel accessories are designed with both convenience and durability in mind. Their interior protection products like seat protectors and cargo liners are made from high-grade fabrics to withstand muddy paws, sharp claws, and inclement weather. With Heritage Pedigree Series dog travel accessories, your vehicle will look great for years to come.

Heritage doesn't skimp in the style department, either. The look of their products is inspired by pastoral English country manors and rustic American hunting lodges, adding a touch of rustic yet sophisticated style to any vehicle. Hunters and daily drivers alike can appreciate the high-quality looks of Heritage pet travel accessories. Plus, Heritage's commitment to using environmentally-friendly materials ensures maximum safety and comfort for your passengers, your pets, and Mother Nature herself.

Whether you're gearing up for your next hunting trip or simply enjoy taking your dog for a casual cruise, trust the comfortable, protective and stylish line of Heritage Pedigree Series pet travel accessories.