Sportz, a subdivision of Napier Enterprises, changed the camping world in 1990 with the Sportz Original Truck Tent. With the Truck Tent in their pickup beds, campers no longer had to sleep on the freezing ground and deal with the elements. Sportz Truck Camping Tents made car camping not only possible, but a preferred way to sleep in the great outdoors.

Sportz Car Tents, SUV Tents, and Truck Tents enhance the comfort and convenience of any camping trip. They're crafted from the highest-quality materials and feature clever designs that make it easy to camp in your car or truck. In fact, Napier Sportz holds several patents for their unique truck tent designs.

Napier Sportz Tents have been helping explorers and campers on their adventures for over 20 years. Take a Sportz Car, Truck, or SUV Tent on your next trip on the path less traveled and see why they're a trusted name in camping accessories.