MacNeil Automotive Products, Ltd, the company behind WeatherTech, strives to exceed customer expectations at every turn. They pay close attention to every detail of their manufacturing process, utlizing the most advanced American-made technologies to develop ideas and produce amazing merchandise.

Their process doesn't end when something is made. Samples are then thoroughly inspected for a perfect fit and high-quality construction. Their standards could not be more stringent, and what results are the best products in the industry. When combined with workers who go through several rounds of training and a devotion to cleanliness within the workplace, it's easy to see why WeatherTech has become the brand it is today.

More than anything else, the folks at McNeil Automotive understand their business and they know the marketplace. Beyond this, they could not be more proud to invest in America's manufacturing infrastructure. Productivity, innovation, creativity, and a devotion to doing things right sets MacNeil Automotive Products, Ltd., and their WeatherTech brand, at a level above the rest.