Mityvac has long been a leader in diagnostic test equipment, brake bleeders, and other vacuum-related engine tools. For over 25 years their products have been used by professional service technicians worldwide for a wide variety of uses. From pressure test kits to hand vacuum pumps to brake bleeders, Mityvac products are the time-tested choice.

Mityvac Fluid Evacuators and Brake Bleeders are loaded with versatile features and feature high-quality, professional-grade construction. They're ideal for removing fluids from small reservoirs and tanks, and their lightweight and portable designs make them perfect for everything from cars and trucks to ATVs and farm equipment. Each Mityvac Brake Bleeder and Vacuum Pump is built for clean, economic one-person use. Plus, they include a selection of adapters and accessories that make them capable of performing a variety of tasks. With Mityvac you can keep your vehicles running great and do it with minimal time and frustration.

For all your fluid evacuation, diagnostic testing, and other maintenance needs, trust the high quality and versatility of Mityvac.