Since 1983, Dash Designs Inc. has been a leader in the world of fabric auto accessories. Their dashboard covers, sun shades, and sun visors are crafted with quality every step of the way, from the concept stage to computer-assisted design, and on through the state-of-the-art manufacturing process. They're fully dedicated to providing car and truck owners with the finest quality products and enhancing their driving experience.

Dash Designs Dashboard Covers are all constructed from the finest materials, from the 100% recycled Foss Fiber Eco-Spun Carpet to the tightly-woven DashTex poly fiber. Every Dash Designs Dash Mat is custom-cut and sewn to perfectly fit the contours of your exact year, make, and model vehicle. Plus, with their included Velcro tabs, these dash covers take just minutes to install.

Sun Shades and Visors from Dash Designs are designed for unbeatable convenience and durability. "The Shade" sun shade and "Sun Glide" window visor are easy to operate, adjust, and store. These accessories make every driving experience more comfortable and enjoyable, no matter where you drive.

The Dash Designs plant utilizes advanced CAD/CAM manufacturing processes, run by a highly skilled staff of technicians and sewing operators. Every product's precision patterns are sewn with the finest heat- and sun-resistant fabrics for a superior finish and perfect fit. When it's protection, style, and convenience you need in auto accessories, go with the high quality design and construction of Dash Designs.