When Retrax started back in 1996, people were confused - truck bed covers weren't very popular at the time, so why devote so much time, money, and energy to making them? The truth was, the rest of the truck accessories industry was unable or unwilling to explore the complex aspects of developing, designing, and manufacturing retractable tonneau covers. The tech heads and engineers at Retrax set out to tackle these problems and provide their fellow pickup truck drivers with a superior retractable truck bed cover. Before long, the Retrax Retractable Tonneau Cover was born.

Retrax Tonneau Covers are unique due to their construction materials and design. They're built with durable and long-lasting aluminum that is so strong you can stand on top of the cover, yet lightweight enough for one-handed operation. Their aluminum support beams are equipped with sealed ball-bearing rollers to let the cover open and close easily - no springs, Velcro, or pull straps. Plus, their low-profile design includes a front cover that sits flush against the rolling cover. The result is a retractable tonneau cover that's smooth to operate, streamlined in appearance, and dependable in any weather conditions.

Over the years Retrax has continued to grow and evolve, thanks to a true commitment to producing a quality product while providing superior customer service. Retrax Tonneau Covers have earned top ratings due to their quality and availability, as well as their on-time delivery and customer-friendly support.