When it comes down to it, every automobile performs two jobs: 1) to mobilize people and cargo, and 2) to keep them safe. And conveniently, those are the two main goals at Michelin USA. Michelin produces tires for just about every category of the market, from passenger cars and ATVs to earthmovers and airplanes. Whether battling wet conditions or hitting the track, Michelin Tires are the leading choice of drivers around the world. The same passion and dedication that goes into Michelin racing tires goes into every one of their passenger car, light truck, and heavy duty tires. Keeping your vehicle safe in all weather also includes using accessories that enhance your traction. That's why Michelin also produces synthetic tire "chains" that help you get an extra grip on snowy and icy surfaces. These patented composite mesh chains give you the strength of metal tire chains while being lightweight and easy to install. They're just another step Michelin takes towards making your vehicle as safe as possible, no matter the conditions. Michelin strives to improve the safe mobility of people and goods all over the world, as well as minimize their impact on the environment. One look at Michelin products is all it takes to see they're doing just that.