The proper cargo rope tie-down anchors can mean the difference between safely transporting your load from Points A to B and pulling over while your cargo freely tumbles down the road. Bull Accessories knows this, and that's why they make durable tie-down anchors that fit every kind of truck. So long as your rig has stake pockets, there's a cargo tie-down by Bull that can help.

Based out of Irvine, CA, Bull Accessories offers innovative solutions to your cargo-carrying needs. Durable stainless steel holds up over time, and Bull lead the way on retractable anchors that snap out of sight when not in use. Every effort has been made to preserve the sleek lines of your truck, as the folks at Bull are truck owners themselves, and protective of their flock.

Trucks are hard-working vehicles for hard-working people. Make sure that whatever precious cargo you are carrying around is protected and secure by using Bull Accessories.