All it took was one frightening incident involving a beloved Chocolate Lab, a crowded mountain pass, and a shattered windshield to convince the folks behind Ruff Rider that the dog restraint industry needed changing. Not only did they change it, but they completely redefined dog restraints, won multiple awards, and achieved two patents in the process.

It was beyond simply protecting the dog. Carl Goldberg, the man behind Ruff Rider, realized that a dog flying through the air inside a vehicle would not only hurt the animal, but the other passengers, as well. Every existing product he found like his idea proved too flimsy, too shoddy, or too underwhelming. He needed something sturdy and durable, that was comfortable for the animal but fully capable of restraining a dog weighing up to 150 lbs. Thus, the Roadie by Ruff Rider dog restraint was born!

Bought by Covercraft Industries, Inc., in 2010, Ruff Rider is the most trusted name in dog restraints, for use both in cars and when the ride is over. Able to absorb up to 6,000 lbs. of pressure, the Roadie by Ruff Rider truly is the industry's best!