The Cat Clamp started with a simple question: what is the best way to prevent the expensive process of replacing stolen catalytic converters? The answer, of course, is to prevent their being stolen in the first place. Over a year of R&D later, the folks at American Welding, Inc., came up with the Cat Clamp.

They consulted with metalworking professionals, engineers, and fleet managers to find the best concepts, the best materials, and the best manufacturing practices with which to make their converter locks. Wouldn't you know it, all that diligence paid off: the Cat Clamp is the standard-bearer when it comes to catalytic converter security.

Well-engineered and versatile, the Cat Clamp Catalytic Converter Lock offers the kind of benefits and features most companies wish their products had. With fully patented technology, the durability of which is unquestioned, it's easy to see that the sky is the limit for Cat Clamp!