Since 2003, Spec-D Tuning has grown into a multi-faceted company excelling on multiple levels of the automotive business. Knowledgeable and helpful, it is their mission to, above all else, offer exceptional service to their customers across all aspects of the company. They pride themselves on anticipating market trends and the corresponding needs associated with them, then answering those needs with useful products and helpful solutions.

Innovation is the name of their game, and the folks at Spec-D Tuning are constantly refreshing their product line to stay at the industry's cutting edge. Awarded and recognized by highly-regarded automotive magazines for their commitment to the marketplace, they have been successful in today's economy by never settling for less than the best products and the best practices with everything they do.

Quality products, professional service, competitive prices, and company-wide dedication: the automotive industry is a passion for Spec-D Tuning, and every member of their team uses that passion to succeed where other businesses come up short.