The true innovators never go out of style. And so it is that Brembo has been one of the leading brakes manufacturers in the racing and luxury automobile industries since 1961. Italian by birth and amazing by design, Brembo has become one of the world's most prestigious brands by never forgetting that the name of the game is innovation, and people will continue to turn out for that which they have never seen.

In 2011, Brembo celebrated its fiftieth year of existence as a major player on the international auto parts scene. They reached this milestone simply and elegantly, by virtue of creating arguably the highest-performing brakes systems on the market today. It was all a natural progression, cars in 1964 to motorcycles in 1972 and Formula 1 in 1975. Throughout the journey, Brembo has continued to innovate and grow as a business, to the point where what was started by two Italian men has since blossomed into a company with 36 plants in 15 countries and over 6,000 employees.

Even with that sort of track record, and even with their success, the people behind Brembo have no intention of slowing down. Not in a market that is constantly changing, developing, and growing. Rest assured, innovation has always been the goal with Brembo, and innovative, high-performance systems will continue to be the goal for years and years to come.