Hot rods have been a staple of the American imagination since the first years after WWII. While trends have come and gone, Thrush Exhaust has been a leader in the industry since the mid-1960s. They have no plans of stopping now, not when they continue to produce such innovative and dependable mufflers and exhausts.

It is their devotion to the idea of hot-rodding that sets Thrush Exhaust apart from the competition. The hot rod is in their bones, and it drives everything they produce. The idea itself, that a vehicle can be modified into being the perfect extension of the open-road loving soul of its owner, has driven Thrush to continually update its products for the best performance and the satisfying Thrush muffler sounds enthusiasts have come to expect.

Turbo, Super Turbo, Welded, Glasspack: whatever muffler you need to get the sound you want, Thrush Exhaust has you covered. They know what hot rod enthusiasts are looking for, and they've made it their business to provide nothing less than exactly that.