The people behind the LivingStep truck tailgate step have launched a revolution in form and function. A simple enough idea has catapulted this company to the edge of truck bed innovation, and their all-purpose product will change the way you use your pickup truck. For the better, of course!

By attaching a fold-out, hang-down step to a customer's truck bed, LivingStep helps truck owners ease the pressure absorbed by knees and ankles when entering and exiting a truck. But that's not all! Truck owners can also use the LivingStep as a seat, not to mention a convenient work desk with cup holders. Made in the USA and all but impervious to corrosion, LivingStep has managed to manufacture a product that solves a variety of customer concerns while affecting OEM function in no way whatsoever.

The LivingStep Tailgate Step is an amazing product brought to consumers by an innovative company. The folks at LivingStep found a need and developed a product guaranteed to continually amaze truck owners.