AlphaTherm is the worldwide leader in design, development, and sale of windshield wiper fluid heating systems. If heating windshield wiper fluid sounds a bit out there, well, that's the point: it's AlphaTherm's goal to come up with innovative solutions to problems customers did not know existed.

AlphaTherm's main assembly plant is located in Farmington Hills, Michigan. Their patents alone are enough to put most competitors to shame, including eight global family patents, as well as a host of proprietary technology devoted to self-contained heating elements. AlphaTherm is one company that has put in the time to develop procedures and products that fit perfectly with both customer and OEM demands. The sky is the limit with products like this!

There are companies that produce products you've seen before, and then there are companies that come up with something you've never thought of that both fits naturally and is easy-to-use. AlphaTherm is one company firmly in the latter category.