If there is one thing the folks behind Trimax Locks know better than most, it’s how valuable peace of mind can be. That’s why they’ve set out to develop, produce, and sell the best locks available in a wide variety of industries. Trailers, towing, power sports, bicycles: they do it all, and then some, because they know the value placed on your possessions’ security.

Headquartered in Colorado, Trimax Locks has spent decades trying to produce the best locks that money can buy. By analyzing consumer demand and market conditions, they stay steps ahead of the competition in the race to produce the most innovative and secure locks on the market today.

When someone sits at the forefront of an industry, very rarely is that by accident. More often than not, it’s because a given company puts in the long hours to determine exactly what their customers want and then delivers on those needs. Trimax Locks has certainly done so, and that's why their locks are a cut above the rest.