Contractors and recreational truck owners the world over long had trouble containing oversize and heavy-duty loads within their truck beds. Gladiator Net set about the work of changing this, and to hear them tell it, even they were surprised by how well their truck nets get the job done.

All manner of truck owners, from outdoorsmen to construction professionals, have benefited from the extra-strength support given by Gladiator Net Heavy-Duty Cargo Nets and SafetyWeb Cargo Nets. When tested, the nets performed over and above the company's wildest expectations. They piled everything they could find onto their nets, almost two tons of cargo, and everything held. That's when they knew they had something very special on their hands. When they say their nets are heavy-duty, you can be sure that is exactly what they are.

Trucks are designed to work. That's why you bought one, and that's what a Gladiator Net will help you do. For your largest loads and biggest cargo, you can trust them to get everything to where you're going safely.