Campers and boats and anything else towed behind your truck or SUV keep plenty of good times rolling for you and yours, but they can take an unnecessary beating. More exposed to the hazards of the road than seems right, or logical, precipitation and rocks can blast away at a boat's finish or a camper's front end before you even get where you're going. Unless, that is, you pick up some Rock Tamers Mud Flaps.

Born in the Rockie Mountains, the people behind Rock Tamers knows the beating involved with an average towing run. Ice and snow and whatever else wants to harm your towables won't stand a chance against these mud guard systems, thanks to heavy-duty, customizable rubber flaps with anti-splash grooves on the side that faces your wheels. Even better, you won't need to modify your vehicle to fit these flaps: they connect to your hitch and sit outside your truck's back end, standing sentinel for your boat's finish.

Don't allow something bad to happen to your camper or trailer because you didn't plan ahead. Thanks to Rock Tamers, another line of defense is ready to save the day!