70 years is a long time for one company to do the same thing. Even so, that's exactly how long Dupli-Color has been in the OEM paint and bed liners game, and they show no signs of slowing down! What started as a good idea by a GI back before WWII has blossomed into an industry leader that makes some of the most trusted paints and liners in the business today.

And how do they make such great products? By making sure they're the best, that's how! Intense oversight, from new product development to public release, ensures that the standards first introduced so many years ago remain adhered to. The folks at Dupli-Color aren't about to let the company's good name be sullied. After all, they have a legacy to uphold, and it is a proud one indeed!

Accept no substitutes when it comes to your vehicle's finish. Nothing but the best will do, and that's exactly what Dupli-Color is!