It only makes sense these days to keep an eye on your vehicle's effect on the environment. If you can simultaneously add torque and horsepower, then so much the better! That's what the folks at Green Air Filters think, anyway, and their filters add a boatload of performance to your engine while also lowering your carbon footprint. You'll spend less at the gas pump and generate less trash by using these fully rechargable performance air filters on your car.

The folks at Green Filters seem to have hit on a winning formula, giving major improvements to your vehicle's power backed up with a healthy dose of environmental consciousness. Put another way: these performance junkies made an environmentally-friendly, high-performing air filter. That's no small feat. You can feel good about trusting your ride's performance to Green Air Filters, and since you can clean and refresh these filters, once installed you'll never have to throw one out again.