Like the imposing peak that is their namesake, DK2 Plows are nothing to mess around with! These quality all-steel plows come in a range of sizes to suit a variety of modest jobs. From designs to clear snow around the house and driveway on up to larger parking lot jobs, DK2 Plows fit the bill for your truck or SUV. They're built to last and guaranteed to get your surface parking clean!

Better still, these babies come with a TON of extra features! So many accessories, like skid shoes and snow deflectors, are included in every package, along with an electronic winch and handheld remote for easy up-down functionality. Better still, certain additional options are available, like Light Kits and Wireless Remotes, to trick out your setup in the best way possible. Accept no substitutes, but do expect the best.

Go with DK2 Plows, and that is guaranteed.