It's a simple fact that not all vehicles are made to easily drive during messy, slippery winter weather. This doesn't doom your ride to a winter spent in the garage, though. Use a ShurTrax Traction System and you can take your car or truck anywhere you want, in any weather, with total confidence in your handling abilities. The idea seems easy, but the secret lies in the skillful execution.

Basically, you'll fill up a bag with water. But these are BIG bags, and you'll need LOTS of water! Once you get the right amount in there, however, you can count on an extra hundred pounds of weight holding down your rear axle during inclement weather. With a ShurTrax Traction System on your side, you won't have to sweat the wet and white stuff, nor will you have to scour your garage for heavy stuff to put in your trunk or truck bed. These bags can handle the job, and they'll give you peace of mind while doing so.