Contractor racks serve a valuable purpose for hardworking men and women. The only problem is, they destroy a pickup truck's gas mileage. That doesn't have to be the case, though, not if you go with Invis-A-Rack! The innovative, forward-thinking design of these ladder & kayak racks took the next step in giving truck-owners options when it comes to hauling oversize cargo.

All it took was asking, "Maybe we can fold the rack down?" With that question in mind, the folks at Invis-A-Rack, by Dee Zee, developed a design in which the supports go up when you need them and down when you don't. That's it, it's that simple, and with a durable construction and 500 lbs. worth of hauling strength, your Invis-A-Rack can do anything you need it to. Oh, and it's also proudly made in the USA. Get one for your truck today!