Whether it's a camper, boat, or toy hauler, you tow some serious investments behind your vehicle. Why would you leave those valuables exposed to the assault of debris flying behind your rear tires? The damage your towed gear sustains from rocks, tar, and debris can lead to costly repairs and a serious drop in resale value. Luckily, there's an easy solution to this problem - ROCKSTAR Mud Flaps.

ROCKSTAR custom-designs every one of their mud flap kits to your exact vehicle for an awesome fit and maximum performance. They fit the contour of your bumper and provide a durable shield between your rear tires and your trailer. Plus, they take just minutes to assemble, remove, and re-install. And best of all, because ROCKSTAR gear is made from the same folks who make Access Tonneau Covers and SnowSport Snow Plows, you know these mud flaps are made to last.