Safety and security are of utmost importance when it comes to protecting your truck bed and your precious cargo. The best tonneau covers protect your cargo in the face of rain and snow storms, as well as secure it against break-ins and theft. Roll-N-Lock Tonneau Covers feature a retractable design that provides both levels of security and protection for your gear.

This smart retracting design didn't just happen out of thin air. Roll-N-Lock Corporation was established in 1992 by Solaroll Shade and Shutter Corporation, who have been manufacturing superior quality retractable (rolling) storm shutters since 1974. Many key members of the Roll-N-Lock team, including the management and design departments, have been working together for over twenty years. This experience informs their excellent design, custom fit, and superior durability. Roll-N-Lock Tonneau Covers provide top-notch protection, convenience, and looks for years.