AEM Authorized Dealer

Started in 1987 as a custom tuner shop, AEM has built its reputation by producing horsepower, and quickly earning notoriety by consistently developing the fastest vehicles at the racetrack. AEM engineers products that outperform the competition, and create original product designs that revolutionize the industry. The pioneer of cold air intakes for the tuner market, AEM is now the industry specialist for air induction systems. Cold air and ram air intakes along with AEMs revolutionary Dryflow filters are specifically designed for each vehicle to deliver maximum performance. They accomplish this through a strict commitment to thorough research and development and leading-edge manufacturing processes. AEM invests heavily in these processes, and take great strides to control every aspect. Its how theyve spent the last 19 years building their reputation and it is how they will continue to maintain their status as an industry leader for years to come.

AEM's products are consistently put to the test by the industrys leading automotive publications and websites, including Motor Trend, Car & Driver, Road & Track, Turbo, Sport Compact Car, and more. The reports of these independent tests prove repeatedly that AEM performance products consistently outperform the competition, and are why you will find them under the hoods of many of the best racing teams and industry experts nationwide.