PaceSetter Exhaust has been an industry leader for nearly 30 years, and the Arizona company's devotion to its craft is undeniable. Each PaceSetter Exhaust System is made from only the highest quality materials, and utilizes only the most innovative technology. Pacesetter's goal is to create components that exceed the high standards of the industry - and more importantly, the standards of their customers.

Pacesetter Exhaust focuses on quality over quantity, which is why each exhaust is carefully built using a high-tech mandrel bender. As a result, the tubing diameter stays consistent - as opposed to the other exhaust systems whose tubing varies based on how the pipe was "bent." The continuity that comes with each Pacesetter Exhaust allows for optimal flow and minimal backpressure for maximum exhaust scavenging and power.

Not one to just follow the competition, PaceSetter Exhaust prefers to blaze their own trail and create designs that innovate as opposed to replicate. Pacesetter isn't just interested in raw power and muscle car growl. The design team at PaceSetter is just as focused on improving engine efficiency, maximizing not only your vehicle's power but its economy.

Equip your ride with the ultimate combination of power, performance, and sound with PaceSetter Exhaust.