PROTHANE was founded in 1991 when it acquired a little known manufacturer by the name of BC Engineering. At the time, BC offered less than 100 part numbers, mostly for trucks. But it's special formulations, precise engineering methods and attention to customer's needs caught their eye. Well, the rest as they say is history and Prothane now offers the most extensive line of urethane based performance products for cars and trucks on the planet. Whether it's an Asian or European import or any popular American car or truck, PROTHANE has products for it.

Why Use Urethane?
Production vehicles are built using rubber bushings in control arms, strut arms, leaf springs, body mounts, motor mounts, transmission mounts, sway bars and shocks. Additionally, rubber components can be found being used on coil spring pads, leaf spring pads and suspension bump stops. Not only are rubber components on the soft side to accommodate the typical car and truck buyer, they tend to deteriorate rapidly. This contributes to premature component failure, a "spongy" ride and less than ideal performance handling. Urethane can correct these conditions, while improving drivability

Innovative Solutions
Prothane has conquered many design challenges with some pretty cool innovations. Here are two examples: The first one was eliminating the need for grease fittings or the inclusion of worthless additives which may reduce the integrity of the part. They were the very first to use splined or grooved bores which holds in their very own SuperGrease-guaranteeing you years of squeak free operation! The other is their super trick Motor Mount Inserts for front drive sport compacts. This unique approach lets the vehicle be driven either hard or easy without stock mount failure or any ride sacrifice. Trust PROTHANE to always be researching better ways to enhance the performance of their products and your vehicle.