Trends come and go, but Romik's devotion to building high quality Bull Bars and Running Boards is unwavering. Founded way back in 1956, Romik was making high-end tubular accessories while most of their competitors didn't even exist yet. Romik first got their start in Europe and their products still carry the chic style of the continent across the Atlantic. However, Europe proved too small a market and Romik looked west to tackle an American auto industry in desperate need of luxury auto accessories. The American auto world had been salivating for high-end tubular accessories for decades, and the jump across the pond made Romik Running Boards an overnight sensation. With decades of high quality products to their name, Romik's success has carried on to this day.

While Romik may be over five decades old, the company certainly isn't showing any signs of slowing down. Instead of simply resting on its historic pedigree, the Romik team is consistently blazing new trails in the way of design and style - and you can see this level of innovation in the company's ever-expanding catalog. Their line includes everything from bull bars and bumper guards to nerf bars and running boards, each with great-looking, durable designs.

Just about every Romik product is made from 100% stainless steel - and thanks to Romik's customized designs, you'll never have to drill a hole into your vehicle. Plus, you can get all of the Romik accessories you need right here at Auto Accessories Garage. Take a look at our stock and don't forget to take a look at what our customers are saying about these great tubular accessories by Romik.