It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see the effects an Airaid Intake System has on your car's engine, but it does help you understand the technology behind it. While the technique may be a little complicated, What we do know is this: Airaid utilizes state of the art dyno-proven technology for the sole purpose of making your engine run cleaner and faster for longer periods of time. With that philosophy in mind, it's no surprise that Airaid has become the favorite brand of just about every automotive adrenaline junkie out there.

Founded in 1997, Airaid designs their Intake Kits to give added power and torque to your vehicle. Each Airaid Filter is made out of a web of cotton gauze, a layer of synthetic fiber, and stainless steel or aluminum mesh - depending on the component. To top it off, the casings of all Airaid filters are coated in hand-poured urethane for an extra layer of durability that you won't find in the other filters out on the market today.

Airaid's products go beyond just regular Intake Systems. Among the other products in the Airaid catalogue, the most popular is the Airaid PowerAid Throttle Body Spacer, a component that helps improve your engine's air and fuel mixing abilities to improve your horsepower as well as your fuel efficiency. Airaid also has Filter Tune Up Kits available to keep your intake working its best.

Still not convinced? Check out the customer reviews on our site and see why Airaid has been the company of choice for auto enthusiasts in search of some added power for their vehicles.