Doug Thorley Headers is an industry icon synonymous with performance, power, speed and sound. It is a demanding position to maintain but they are committed to their mission of upholding a standard of excellence that places them second to none in the automotive exhaust market.

Based in the heyday of muscle cars and drag racing, a solid foundation began for the development of products used in everyday street driven vehicles. Over time, that massive amount of research, expertise and proven results brought some of the biggest names in the industry to Thorley. Companies such as Honda, Roush, TRD, Kawasaki, Suzuki and a host of other well-known trade names rely on them to provide the "Show & Go" their name has come to imply. It is a fact they're very proud of.

In the coming years, Doug Thorley Headers and Exhaust Shows no signs of slowing down. Their application list continues to rapidly expand thanks to their talented team of engineers, expert developers and skilled machinists. Having added a state-of-the-art facility in 2002, their combined space now totals over 143,000 square feet. This has allowed for implementation of the latest methods in modernized manufacturing techniques. With production streamlined, they are able to focus on what matters most: providing quality products, expeditious delivery and attentive service to you.