The people at EZ Cover understand how expensive - and delicate - some auto accessories can be. Between expensive exhaust systems, grille guards, and fancy chrome accessories, many car owners have a very important need to protect their add-ons from physical damage. Luckily, for years EZ Cover has been making common-sense car covers that fit within your budget.

EZ Cover has made it their goal to create a car cover that provides year-round protection, fits snug and keeps dirt and moisture away from your vehicle's finish. Plus, the EZ Cover comes in a no-hassle wind-up carrying case that makes it perfect for drivers on the go.

EZ Cover takes pride in providing you with the common-sense products you need. This car cover has caught the attention of auto business owners for years since its humble beginnings in a southern California trade show. The exclusive rights to the EZ Cover are owned by Owens Classic International, who have put much confidence and support into making the EZ Cover available as a convenient, lightweight car cover for drivers on the go.