Bully Dog is the leader in diesel performance parts for Ford, Dodge, and GM trucks. Located in Aberdeen, Idaho, Bully Dog Technologies, offers a full-line of high quality, diesel performance products for marked car manufacturers. They have long been the trusted partner in the industry with its wide experience and great leap in innovations. Bully Dog was the first to develop a propane injection system for diesel engines that could be mounted in a vehicle for clean, safe horsepower increase. Propane injection gave them a name in the industry, and from there they have developed other products that have proven to be among the highest quality in the marketplace. Their computer chip programs are proving to be the best. Their 4" exhaust is very popular and easy to mount, and their fuel injectors have performed above expectations.

The best way to sum up Bully Dog diesel products is to tell you that you've got a tuner company in your corner too, diesel guys and gals. If diesel horsepower and torque is your passion, Bully Dog diesel products (including Bully Dog Diesel, Bully Dog Exhaust System and Bully Dog Power Pup) can help you achieve your goals.